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In my everyday life, I work for my father's wrought iron business of 35 years.  Although I am very passionate about my work and use my God-given creativity everyday, I have always felt that I had another calling.  I knew I wanted to help people in some way.    

Painting is something that I love, and I found myself doing so as a way to relax and use my creativity.  Since I don't have any formal art training, I started focusing on crosses and hearts.   What I paint is straight from my heart!

I started sharing some of my art with friends and family and had an amazing response. Surprisingly enough, everyone loved my paintings!  After 36 paintings, friends and family encouraged me to "do something" with my art, and the idea of Darling Wishes greeting cards was born. 

When I came up with the idea of putting my art on cards, I soon after started thinking that maybe there was a way for my cards to help people.  I just wasn't sure what direction to take.  I started doing a lot of thinking, research and praying.

Sometime in April, 2009, I received a phone call from the Walter Hoving Home.  JRC Wrought Iron had been recommended to manufacture a  wrought iron staircase for their home.  

Shortly after, a friend and I had a meeting at  Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA to do some research on my Darling Wishes cards. There was a Walter Hoving table right outside the store.  They were passing out literature and talking to people about their organization. I said out loud, “God, is this a sign?”

The next day,  Kiyomi Tobaru, Facilities Director of the Walter Hoving Home, called me to finalize their bill after the staircase was finished and installed.  I started asking questions about the home and their cause, and as Kiyomi was speaking, I felt a warm, fuzzy and powerful feeling, then tears came to my eyes.  This was confirmation that I had found my charity! She then invited me to take a tour of the home.

This was not a coincidence.  I felt it was a sign from God.  I had been praying for direction, and I was looking for a charity.  I knew this was it! Two weeks later, I met with Kiyomi and Joyce Racine, Vice President of the Walter Hoving Home and received a tour. They were both so excited and honored that Darling Wishes was interested in making wishes come true for the women of their Home.